A culinary experiment with methi leaves

This is similar to the description of methi (fenugreek) leaves and yellow lentils.  The procedure described in A Short Course in Culinary Experiments for the preparation of roti can be easily modified to include methi leaves.  This will be most suitable for people who want to take methi for health reasons.

The procedure ST8.1 from A Short Course in Culinary Experiments is altered as follows:  Soak 2 tablespoons of dry methi leaves in water.  After 5 minutes, drain the water out and add the soaked leaves to the dough for roti.  Proceed with the preparation of roti in the normal fashion, as described in ST8.1.

When methi is included in the dough, roti will not become puffy in step 3.  The rotis produced will have a mild bitter taste (but not unpleasant) from methi. Inclusion of methi is not suitable for the preparation of sukka roti (preparation ST8.2).

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Culinary enthusiast, especially for dishes from Northern India. Avid reader of the "A Short Course in Culinary Experiments." Makes an excellent sambar. Occasional blogger.

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