A culinary nudge – cranberry & yellow lentils

Cranberry with yellow lentils – a nudge

 In A Short Course in Culinary Experiments, a basic procedure was described to prepare a liquid curry (or soup) with yellow lentils (toor dal). In addition to the basic method L3, a number of variations and experiments were proposed.  Addition of cranberry was not in that list of variations, for reasons outlined elsewhere.

I can now report that the addition of cranberries to the yellow lentils preparation will be a successful culinary experiment.  Here, success is measured by the degree to which the taste of pure cranberry is made anonymous.  In other words, the sour taste of cranberry is masked by other tastes (akin to the strategy of adding sugar to pure cranberry juice).  The procedure is so simple that I hesitate to call it an “experiment” – “nudge,” might be a more appropriate nomenclature.

For 1 cup of yellow lentils, you can add about 30 cranberries and you might pick up only a slight sour tinge of cranberry in the dal preparation.  However, this tinge is very pleasant and desirable.  You may add the cranberries only when the dal is almost cooked – lest the acidity of cranberry interfere with the cooking of lentils.  No other alteration is required for the cooking procedure L3.  This preparation is also ideal for those who want to take cranberry for medical reasons.  Since the preparation of dal is a routine affair for many people, it is very easy to add some cranberries towards the end of the dal preparation.  Other family members are unlikely to notice this or complain (really!).

Those who like the taste of pure cranberry will of course be experimenting with a higher proportion of the same.  Please do report them in the comments section, below.

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