A Short Course in Culinary Experiments – Foreword by Professor Wallace Shugg


Indian Cuisine Made Easy

If you enjoy Indian cuisine in restaurants but are afraid to try cooking this exotic food at home, this book is for you.

S. Muralidharan’s A Short Course in Culinary Experiments: Vegetarian Indian Cuisine for Innovative Non-Experts, lives up to its title, “experiments” reflecting his scientific background (Ph.D. in Photochemistry) and the desire to show the neophyte cook how to produce food that is tasty and above all healthy.

The book is meticulously organized, listing and explaining herbs and spices – most available in supermarkets – up front, followed by staples ingredients and then recipes for the vegetables themselves.  An especially valuable feature is the section called “seasoning methods” which summarizes the routine combinations of spices.  They are lettered and numbers in boldface and inserted in various recipes, thus saving much space.

Later chapters deal with preparations uniquely Indian, such as papadam (spicy wafers), chutney and native snacks and desserts.  The final pages are left blank (in the print edition; replaced with a blog for the e-book) for notes on new experiments by the adventurous cook, who is encouraged throughout by the author to explore and alter recipes to suit individual tastes.

The writing about food science is clear, with touches of gentle humor that make for an entertaining read.

Wallace Shugg

Baltimore, Maryland.

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