Altering the dough for puris

In “A Short Course in Culinary Experiments,” was mentioned that chappathis and puris could be made with the same dough. This will result in puris that are soft, crispy, and puffy. If you consume the puris within a short time of making them, they will be quite tasty. However, if they are left in the open for a while, they will absorb moisture, lose their crispiness and will gain a chewy texture. If you know ahead of time that the puris will not be consumed immediately, you can alter the dough to prolong the crispiness of puris.

Mix whole wheat flour (atta) and semolina (rava) in the ratio 2:1. Rest of the procedures (ST8 & ST9) need no change. This will make puris that are more crispy, but less puffy. If you find the puris are too crispy (or hard) for your taste, you can alter the atta and rava ratio to 3:1. Additional benefit of adding rava to the dough is that this dough will be less sticky to the roller, while making the puri discs.

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