Another culinary nudge with cranberries

Cranberries in Sambar

In an earlier post, I outlined a culinary nudge in the preparation of dal with cranberries.  Here is another one. Perhaps I should explain the use of terminology “nudge.”  Here, you are just adding cranberry to a previously tried protocol, and thus not much thinking is needed – we will conserve our creative energies for proper culinary experiments.

Cranberries can be added to sambar, the all-encompassing vegetable soup, in modest amounts without the taste of cranberries overwhelming the taste from other vegetables. Thus, for example, if you have about 4 cups of other vegetables (all cut in small pieces), you can add about 15 cranberries, and you might not pick out the taste of cranberries in the final sambar. If you add above that amount (say about 30 cranberries), cranberry taste will become noticeable, but the sambar will still be palatable. It might not be wise to go beyond this proportion, unless you have a special affection for cranberries. If you are adding cranberries to the sambar vegetable mix, do so after the other vegetables are well cooked. Otherwise, the acidic nature of cranberries will impair the cooking of other vegetables.

Two different procedures were described for the preparation sambar (U7) in A Short Course in Culinary Experiments. Cranberries can be added to both the procedures. No alteration of the protocols is needed, other than a nudge with cranberry, towards the end of the cooking process.

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