Cranberry in Chutneys – Part 1

Cranberry-cilantro-tomato chutney

In earlier postings, I outlined various methods to incorporate cranberry into various preparations with no addition of sweeteners.  In A Short Course in Culinary Experiments, a chapter was devoted to chutneys and pickles, and none of the preparations called for the addition of sugar or another sweetener.  We will keep sugar/sweetener away as we try to incorporate cranberry into some of the chutneys.  Since there are number of preparations, I will retain the same procedure number described in the book, to enable you to track the suggested modifications quickly.


Part – I

For the cilantro-tomato chutney, about 10 cranberries can be added in step 2, without the cranberry taste becoming noticeable (here cilantro will be about ½ lb and 3 – 4 medium sized tomatoes).  If you skip the addition of lime or lemon juice to cilantro-tomato chutney, you can increase the amount of cranberries to about 20.  A further increase in the proportion of cranberries might affect the overall taste of the cilantro-tomato chutney.

Part – II

This will be suitable only for the true cranberry lovers.  Here, you will not add any tomato and just go with cilantro and cranberries.  It might be a good idea increase the proportion of green chilies and to add some tamarind paste at the end of the preparation.  Thus, the proportions of ingredients are as follows:

Cilantro – about ½ lb

Cranberries – ½ lb

Green chilies – 10

Tamarind paste – ½ teaspoon

If using chili powder, use about 1.5 teaspoons of chili powder in place of green chilies.  Add tamarind paste after the addition of cilantro in step 2.  Be forewarned that this chutney will have an intense flavor and thus, consumption of this will be possible only in limited amounts.

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