Culinary Experiments That Helped Me Lose Weight – Cabbage

cabbageThe humble cabbage is a treasure trove of health. In her article on Cabbage , Kami McBride who  has taught herbal medicine since 1988 wrote that ,”From an ayurvedic  perspective  the  cabbage is a calming and grounding food” .She also mentioned that it has a balancing effect on all body types.

East or West everybody agrees that Cabbage is rich in fiber and the vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, K, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper as well as sulfur. It also contains significant amounts of glutamine, an amino acid that has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. But that’s not why Cabbages became my favourite vegetable.

How Cabbage Became one of my favourites-I was reading up on diet programs for the fastest way to lose weight and that’s how I discovered the cabbage. Its specialty is that it consumes more energy to eat than it gives us. Only 25 kcal in 100 gms. I can truly say that I am grateful to the humble cabbage for the significant contribution to my weight loss of 16 kgs in 4 months when I took up the challenge a few years ago.

What I did with cabbages was to use it to replace 60% of my intake of rice with cabbage. It was not easy as I always liked rice more than vegetables on my plate. At 83 Kgs though it’s a do or die feeling so I pursued my path resolutely. Then I decided to enjoy the journey instead of suffering through it and started looking for interesting recipes.

So along with the use of cabbage in raw replacing rice, I needed a variety of recipes to get through the diet. I will share 2 with you here today. I added ginger to the green chillies during the seasoning  stage with Cabbages as a trial and loved it. This modification was mentioned in The Short Course In Culinary Experiments as SM2 (Seasoning Method 2).   FYI – Both ginger and green chillies substantially help improve digestion, directly accelerating your rate of metabolism and helping you burn off the extra calories faster.

I also loved it when I made a Chaat out of cabbage, onions in equal measure combined with 1 tomato, 1 or 2 green chillies and coriander leaves .It is served best with lemon juice another enhancer of metabolic rate.

Variations.A sensitive palate could also use capsicum instead of chillies or reduce the quantity of green chillies to an acceptable one for oneself. Or you could make this hot and sweet by adding carrots or sauce or a little honey.I have tried all these and they REALLY WORK in terms of taste and weight loss.

Keep away from Mayonnaise if you want these dishes to help you lose weight. I lost weight and gained a marked improvement in complexion and that’s how cabbage became my favorite vegetable. Thus the simple cabbage was no less than a fountain of youth for me.

Do share your culinary experiments with cabbage on this blog and send us some pictures too. Looking forward to hearing from my friends out there…..


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2 comments on “Culinary Experiments That Helped Me Lose Weight – Cabbage
  1. Devika says:

    Interesting facts!!!
    Didn’t know that Cabbage had so many benefits.
    I have always liked cabbage. But wondered how can we make it differently. You have helped me out in that.
    If any more interesting ways to make cabbage interesting please let me know ;).
    I have a target of reducing minimum 5 kgs. I hope i can make it by following these tips 🙂 .


    • Lakshmi Sreekumar says:

      Thank you Devika,glad to help.Do follow this blog and get many more tips… 5 Kgs to go and I am joining u in this goal 🙂 … ,Lakshmi

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