DOSA IN PIZZA AVATAR 4 The Best of East & West

OOOOO….my sister in law Rekha and my two nieces were coming down from Australia to India in their long vacation.

It’s over 17 yrs now since they settled there .Her children as well as husband are Australian Citizens by now. She was brought up here and went to Australia after her marriage so she loves having real Indian food in the long vacations that they spend here. But for her children who were brought up abroad, the food is simply not the same. Shikha and Rhea have a tough time with our spicy food and are longing for Pizza in a week or so.

They called up to say that they would be visiting us and my husband entrusted me with the task of delighting the palates of my young nieces from Australia, Rhea and Shikha. I had to don my thinking hat and decided to experiment with a fusion cuisine that would introduce them to the delights of Indian Cuisine but retain a touch of the flavors that they were familiar with.

Dosa PizzaThe idea that I decided to freeze on, originated from the thin crust Pizza Ads that were running on TV. I decided to make the PIZZA IN A DOSA.

It clicked and was quite a rage with frequent requests for Ammayi to dish up the delight. BTW my son Vishnu became quite a fan too.Their rave reviews made me feel like I was in the seventh heaven and I quite felt like I was a combo of experts like Tarla Dalal in traditional indian and  S.Muralidharan who delights in Culinary Experiments.

So here I am sharing the recipe for PIZZA IN A DOSA AVATAR or THE PIZZA DOSA for the benefit of my sisterhood who need help in serving up something special for their relatives from abroad. I assure you this will be loved by all whether young or old.

This is what you need to do. We are going to use the Dosa as the Pizza Base and dress it up like the pizza. Prepare the Dosa Batter as in ST5  section from the book, A Short Course in Culinary Experiments by S. Muralidharan, if you want to make your own. Or you can use ready-made Dosa Batter available in Indian Stores.

Other ingredients – Prepare a bowl of 2 or 3 shredded onions, a bowl of tomato-2 or 3, cut like apple slices, deseeded and without the pulp, a bowl of grated capsicum. (No seeds and any other inners from the capsicum to be used) Mix the veggies and add salt as needed and set aside. Keep Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato Sauce and readymade Pizza seasoning or oregano leaves for seasoning.

Let’s start making the pizza.Now rub some oil on a flat pan and heat it slightly then spread the batter. Spread the mixed vegetables over the batter and add a layer of mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle ready made pizza seasoning or oregano leaves on the cheese. Depending on the quantity of vegetables at hand and number of mouths to feed, decide on whether to go for a second layer of vegetables.

After spreading the vegetables, sprinkle a few drops of sauce on it and cover with a lid and cook for 3 minutes on low flame. Mind that excess sauce is not put in at this time or dosa will become soggy. When the cheese has melted, remove the lid and raise the flame to turn the dosa crisp and golden yellow in flavor. Slide it off the pan and serve as soon as possible if you are serving it pizza style.

If you serve it dosa style, you can put the vegies; cheese and seasoning on just one side and turn the other side over once the crisping is done. Served in this way second layer of vegetables over the cheese would be easily available and advisable. This will also open up an opportunity for a crisp munch of fresh vegetables as the second layer of vegetables can be spread over the cheese just before the other half of the dosa is turned covering the vegies from the top. The tomato sauce can be served separately on the plate for those who want a more lavish splash of the same.

This is an encore recipe for sure. But as I was writing this here are some variations that came to my mind. Try changing the dosa base to Rava Dosa for a crisper dosa base. For Rava Dosa Batter Recipe  refer ST 10, 11 sections from  A Short Course in Culinary Experiments by S. Muralidharan. Available on Amazon in Kindle version also.

Play around with the salad & dressing!Add pineapple cuts and apples, banana or grapes or your choice of fruits for those who have a sweet tooth. Also works with those who love the fruity flavors.

For those who love the spicy Indian flavors, variations would include mixing mint chutney or coriander leaves and chopped green chilies to the veggie mix. This would make it taste a little more Indian street food type. Meaning that it will be a mouth-watering delight for all those who love a pizza and Bombay Chaat equally!

Guess what? Raju Mama and Lakshmi Ammayi’s place is one of the favorite destination in  India for my little nieces from Australia, Shikha and Rhea, whom we simply adore having around!

Keep updating me with your culinary experiments.


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  1. Murali says:

    That looks yummy! I hope that you are planning to invite few of your close personal friends, when you make this. (Pleaseeeee….)

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