Experiment in making Puri

For my first time trying to make some nice Indian bread, I chose to try to make Puri.  Luckily I was loaned some Atta flour which I could use to make the dough. The recipe is very simple — just flour, salt, and water.  Some research informed me that a stiffer dough was better than a watery one, so I added water to 1 cup flour (with a pinch or two of salt)  until the mixture just became a workable dough.  After some kneading and rolling, I cut the dough into smaller balls which I could then roll into small disks.

Now, I didn’t have standard cooking oil so I had to improvise… which led me to heating up a small pan of olive oil.  Maybe not the best choice, since the oil could not reach a hot enough temperature to quickly cook the puri, without smoking.  So with slightly cooler temperatures I began to slide the dough disks into the oil one at a time, turning as they cooked.  The finished product came out well all things considered. Most of the disks puffed up nicely (not all of them… I think  the thickness and consistency of the disks has to be as uniform as possible for best puff) and they tasted good, although maybe a little olive oily.

I’m going to repeat my procedure with some proper cooking oil and see how the puri’s come out.

Nate D


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One comment on “Experiment in making Puri
  1. Murali says:

    Nate, that is a good start.

    If you look up at the smoke point for various oils, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoke_point) you will see that olive oil has a reasonably high smoke point and thus it must have been OK to use.

    You may try vegetable oil. The main constituent of the vegetable oil is the soybean oil. This oil has a higher smoke point than olive oil. Plus, vegetable oil is cheaper than olive oil. Also, allow some time to pass between the additions of puri discs to the oil. This will allow the oil to reach the temperatures at which puris will puff up well.

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