Paayasam For Dearest Dad Who Art In Heaven Now….

19092013073This is in Honour and Gratitude of the Sweetness and Joy, My Dad, Pottayil Jayaram Das Menon,brought into my family ,not to mention many other lives my dear dad touched…..He was called Mr P.J.Menon, officially but now a days he is affectionately called Menon Ji,for me though its always been Lacha’s Acha…..I love you Acha and I miss you so much….

My cousin Usha says that my Dad was so sweet that when anyone served him a dish,the praise he lavished ,the way he used to  relish the taste and ask for recipes made one feel like tasting their own cooking and discover what he found in their cooking …..But, In All the Dishes,HE LOVED PAYASAM…the most….Oh, Boy! Dad had such a sweet tooth…….

So I Would Like To Share a Recipe for a Payasamnot milk paayasam but brown sugar and broken wheat payasam because Dad was Tall,Dark  and Handsome.Not fair and Lovely.He would often joke that if he stood in the same frame as me I would look fairer …he spread love and made me feel lighter when I went to him with various problems…he could make me laugh and if you knew him he would have made you laugh too…

Cracked Wheat is One of the Healthiest Forms of Wheat.Apart from laxative properties ,it works as a superb energy food!Wheat is much more effectively digested when consumed with protein.Broken wheat grue is often mixed with savoury green gram for a main meal in Kerala. (Kanji,Cherupayar). Worth trying in the payasam mix as well for an experiment….

For now I am Sharing the Straight and Simple Recipe for the Broken Wheat Payasam, because That’s How Dad Was,Straight and Simple………. and of course Simple Is Tasty !Right?

Ingredients 1. Broken wheat 2. Coconut milk: 3. Brown sugar: 4. Cardamom

Procedure 1. Wash  and place the cracked wheat in a pot with 2 cups of water and boil.  Then, lower the heat to a minimum and allow it to simmer for 15 – 20 minutes.  Occasionally, stir the wheat and if it is becoming dry, add some more water. 2. When the cracked wheat is well cooked, add the brown sugar, coconut milk and the cardamom.  Increase the heat, and continue to heat with stirring, until the contents begin to boil. Check the wheat is cooked and take it off the burner . When the paayasam is ready,serve it up and ENJOY!

cracked wheat pudding

This recipe SD 4.2 is from  A Short Course in Culinary Experiments  Kindle Edition. By S. Muralidharan.He encourages people to try out variations and I think I will next time. I will try a garnish with almonds,raisins ,cashew for a fruit and nut flavor. I also plan to add a dash of dried ginger powder to enhance my metabolism and meet the challenge of calories head on….Maybe you could try some thing different too !

Today was the 16th day or Adiyantaram…when we bid Dad farewell and he becomes one with the divine,the universe as per our  Malyali-Hindu traditions.I am sending out a prayer for his soul to become one with the Lord…..Please pray for his soul to be liberated when you read this…..Dad was a simple and sweet human being, quite a culinary enthusiast and  he loved to share  everything he had with the world…..I have been a little away from my friends , facebook and from work because of our struggle to defeat dad’s illness and then my recent loss….  please excuse me….But I have always put my heart and soul into my work and worn my heart on my sleeve and … so I thought of sharing something from today’s feast with you ………….

Do let me know if you enjoyed the paayasam………

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