Preface to the eBook – A Short Course in Culinary Experiments


This e-book, A Short Course in Culinary Experiments: Vegetarian Indian Cuisine for Innovative Non-Experts, is a replica of the printed edition of the same title, published in 2007.  The theme and main contents are unaltered from the print edition.  Minor corrections and updated web-links are incorporated in this edition of the e-book.  One major change is the elimination of the last chapter in the print edition of the book, in favor of a blog site.  The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to report your culinary experiments (or thoughts on related topics) for a wider community of cooking enthusiasts, be it in Indian or other cuisines.  You can access this blog at:

In the printed edition of the book, I used an alphanumeric system in the text, to reference cooking procedures that are used routinely and repeatedly.  This meant that one had to turn pages – back and forth – to locate a procedure, while reading the text; a task that many found annoying.  Those who memorized or internalized the routine procedures had no complaints; the brevity of the text delighted them.  In this e-book, the same alphanumeric system is retained, but technology has removed the annoyance.  Here, all the routine procedures referenced in the text are internally hyperlinked.  This means that with one tap (or a click), you will be able to navigate the text, back and forth.

The making of this e-book was in large part due to the encouragement of Prof. Wallace Shugg, who kindly provided a foreword to this e-book.  Wally (as he is known to his friends) took an immediate liking to the idea of learning to cook by way of experimenting.  Though he had no prior exposure to Indian cuisine, Wally now considers himself to a good cook for many Indian dishes.  I am anticipating that some of his culinary experiments will find their way to the blog site.  My hope is that this e-book will create many more innovative/experimental cooks like Wally.  And with the blog site, any innovation that you develop and report will reach like-minded vegetarian cooks, world over.


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