Simple Spicy Treat for the Summer

I was recently in Palakkad, Kerala (India). Needless to say, the place was really warm. For this summer, Palakkad is one of the hottest places in the country.  On getting to our aunt’s place, we quickly had to take something to cool us down.  And that turned out to be the “sambaram.” It takes about two minutes (or less) to make.

Sambharam is a health drink that is suitable take during hot summer days. It is delicious and tasty and cools down your body.

Making of a glass of “Sambharam.”

Here is what you need:

Curry leaves            : 5 – 10

Green chilies          : 1 (or, may be to taste)

Ginger                    : A small slice.

If you are a spice freak, you can add bit more of the second and third items.

Butter milk             : 3/4  Cup

Water                     : 1/2 Cup

Salt                         : To taste.


It is a simple procedure.  Put all the items in a blender and mix it for about 30 seconds.  If you like your drinks to be smooth, strain out the solids using a strainer. If you like the taste of curry leaves and ginger (and green chili ?), the drink maybe taken unfiltered.

I hope you like this little culinary experiment.  Please write your comments and/or modifications for this, below.

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